Climate Change Services

To professional serve on global warming activities in Thailand, FID-MASCI has developed climate change services as new scheme.  FID-MASCI believes in an organization approach that benefits our clients and to be the unique for local professional expert. Our organization intends to act as Local DOE to validate and verify the CDM projects.

We have knowledge of local norms, regulations and interested view in Thailand region.  Our services have covered sector scope of Energy Industries (renewable/non-renewable sources), Energy Demand, Manufacturing, Waste handling and Disposal, and Agriculture.

Otherwise we are available to service for climate change certificate such as CORSIA, ISO 14064-1, ISO 14064-2, CFO, and T-VER.

We appreciate to the one choice of your aims and your expectations. In the other part of our web site, you will get the benefit and know each other to be confident for our process.

Please go through our web site for more details.

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