CDM Verification/Certification Process

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Verification is a periodic performance review that takes place once the project is implemented. It is the process of confirming the emission reductions achieved by client’s project and verifying continued compliance with the criteria defined under the Kyoto Protocol.

The verification includes reviewing of monitoring effects and data collection systems related to emission reductions, reviewing of established practices and the precision of data collected as well as monitoring equipment, and reviewing of the management system supporting the reported emission reductions.

As a verifier, FID-MASCI will review and determinate the amount of emission reduction credits generated. We will inform a request to the CDM EB, asking that the certified credits be issued.


Certification is the written assurance from a DOE that the project activity has accomplished the verified amount of emission reductions.

FID-MASCI shall notify the project participants, the Parties involved and the CDM EB of its certification decision in writing instantly upon achievement of the certification process.

The certification report has to be made available in public, and has to constitute a request for issuance to the CDM EB of CERs equal to the verified amount of emission reductions.

Verification Process Flow Chart

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